Tales of mis conceptional misery long heard is still echoing in the fields half-reaped, could you sense? I often misheard it to be the music of agony, while it sang the unheard song of pure joy. Her mellifluous voice was no more muted. Virtual deafness! Who else could I have blamed for my blindness? NowContinue reading “FINDING THE LOST STRINGS”


The silver star studded cloak you don; Turns the air silver, blades of grass bending and waving with a sweet coldness, Calls me over, come, fall in love! You amble along, before the Sun, also late after Him, I saunter around you, enthralling in your gait, Your sap on my body keeps my third eyeContinue reading “December”

The Ring of Fire

A nimbus encircling my secluded self; Infused ink blue hue around the prodigy I pettishly encompass beneath the blankets; Relapsed and ruminated I bowed to her queries; With a response but without an elucidation. Clans, flesh and kindred, persona of my Seclusion: hunky, ancestral and self defining, They said it’s my spinal nerves, stand forContinue reading “The Ring of Fire”

A Capsule for Happiness

Enmeshed in a world full of riddling opposites, we toil till we get tired in order to plot and plan for a painless panoramic image, where we think of fixing and framing our lives. Pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, victory and defeat, success and failure…one end of each pair is followedContinue reading “A Capsule for Happiness”

Immortal Beauty

‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’-John Keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn. Bathed in the light of my imagination, Soaked in the cloud of truce and tranquillity, Surrounding the aged palms and greens, Lived a female cuckoo with a bubbling beak. Her plaintive call, matched with a nightingale, Suffused my innate sensations with glee. HerContinue reading “Immortal Beauty”

The Gita: The Inspiration

Remember this excerpt from ‘As You Like It,’ All the world’s a stage,And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances;And one man in his time plays many parts,His acts being seven ages. Wherein William Shakespeare reduces the role of human beings into ‘merely players?’ A bibliophile would have alreadyContinue reading “The Gita: The Inspiration”

By the Littoral

Touching the swaying refection, That the still water drew roughly on herself, I Sensed a lookalike between the waving me and myself. A feather touch all that’s needed To make oneself evanesce. Did I hear her? I did see her… The portrayal fragmentary to my eyes, Looked whole for any bloodless eyes! The perturbed life,Continue reading “By the Littoral”


What I wish for, what I look for, Regardless of what keeps me run my race, Is just recognition, not fame. Where it comes from, whom it comes from, From minds sincere to see the life in words That I write, that I breathe. Like a smoke whirling and dancing around the fire, My thoughtsContinue reading “FAME”


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