Winding Wind

Whirls, befalling the shrubs
 The desert borne heavy 
Crushing it to micelles of twigs 
 Biffing vigorous onto dunes.
 Crust decked with dots
Red and Black not a yellow patch.
Thuds, rips, bang and buzz
 A whirlwind shaping into a Tornado
 Ides of March, dubious me
 The tip of a finger pointing
For me, towards me, I wish.

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

17 thoughts on “Winding Wind

  1. This poem in the mirror of my creativity turns abstraction into realness as it awakens the creativity in all poets to innovate, *&* of course I love this rare prose skillfully twisted into a poem by I a poetic queen!

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      1. Thank you for your compliment, to me, is akin to my receiving the Nobel Piece Prize, *&* I could never explain to you beyond that how much I appreciate your compliment which is much more beyond adjectives in expressions of words. Again thank you!

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